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MOP041 Commissioning of FEL-Based Coherent Electron Cooling System ion, electron, gun, FEL 132
  • V. Litvinenko, Z. Altinbas, R. Anderson, S.A. Belomestnykh, K.A. Brown, J.C.B. Brutus, A.J. Curcio, A. Di Lieto, C. Folz, D.M. Gassner, T. Hayes, R.L. Hulsart, P. Inacker, J.P. Jamilkowski, Y.C. Jing, D. Kayran, R. Kellermann, R.F. Lambiase, G.J. Mahler, M. Mapes, A. Marusic, W. Meng, K. Mernick, R.J. Michnoff, T.A. Miller, M.G. Minty, G. Narayan, P. Orfin, D. Phillips, I. Pinayev, T. Rao, D. Ravikumar, J. Reich, G. Robert-Demolaize, T. Roser, S.K. Seberg, F. Severino, B. Sheehy, J. Skaritka, L. Smart, K.S. Smith, L. Snydstrup, V. Soria, R. Than, C. Theisen, J.E. Tuozzolo, J. Walsh, E. Wang, G. Wang, D. Weiss, B. P. Xiao, T. Xin, A. Zaltsman, Z. Zhao
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  • C.H. Boulware, T.L. Grimm
    Niowave, Inc., Lansing, Michigan, USA
  • K. Mihara
    Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, USA
  • I. Petrushina
    SUNY SB, Stony Brook, New York, USA
  • K. Shih
    SBU, Stony Brook, New York, USA
  • W. Xu
    PKU, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: DoE NP office, grant DE-FOA-0000632, NSF grant PHY-1415252
In this talk we are presenting the most recent results from the commissioning of unique Coherent Electron Cooling system, which is using an FEL amplifier to facilitate cooling of hadrons by an electron beam. We present achieved results as well as changes we encountered in the process.
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WEP009 A Cryocooled Normal-Conducting and Superconducting Hybrid CW Photoinjector cavity, ion, gun, cathode 436
  • H.J. Qian, M. Krasilnikov, F. Stephan
    DESY Zeuthen, Zeuthen, Germany
  Continuous wave (CW) photoinjectors have seen great progress in the last decades, such as DC gun, SRF gun and normal conducting VHF-band RF gun. New developments of CW guns are aiming higher acceleration gradient and beam energy for higher-beam brightness. One of the technical challenges for CW SRF guns is the compatibility of normal-conducting high QE cathodes and superconducting cavity. In this paper, a high gradient cryocooled CW normal-conducting gun is proposed to house the high QE cathode, and a SRF cavity nearby gives further energy acceleration. Preliminary ASTRA simulations of such a hybrid photoinjector are presented.  
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