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WEB03 R&D at SLAC on Nanosecond-Range Multi-MW Systems for Advanced FEL Facilities ion, FEL, experiment, linac 404
  • A.K. Krasnykh, A.L. Benwell, T.G. Beukers, D.F. Ratner
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported by US Department of Energy contract DE-AC02-76SF00515
A nanosecond-range, multi-MW system containing TEM mode electrodynamic structures fed by controllable pulsers are needed for (1) fast injection systems in multi-bend achromat upgraded (MBA-U) storage rings and for (2) arrays of FEL beamlines powered by a superconducting linear accelerators operating with MHz-bunch repetition rate. The R&D effort covers both type (1) and (2) layouts. This report discuss the experimental results of several concepts for a generation of the nanosecond range multi MW pulsers. Compression of the initially formed electromagnetic (EM) power is employed for a generation of the nanosecond pulses in all concepts discussed here. A solid-state nonlinear media assists the EM compression. Features of the materials and components used in the design will be presented. The results will be included in the design of the kicker systems for advanced FEL facilities. For example, in the LCLS-II, the nanosecond range pulse allows for distributing closely spaced bunches to multiple undulators allowing experimenters to take advantage of combining different colored x-rays.
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