Author: Kuroda, R.
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TUP067 Study on Cherenkov Laser Oscillator Using Tilted Electron Bunches 371
  • K. Sakaue
    Waseda University, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Tokyo, Japan
  • M. Brameld, Y. Tadenuma, M. Washio, R. Yanagisawa
    Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
  • R. Kuroda, Y. Taira
    AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
  • J. Urakawa
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  Funding: This work was supported by a research granted from The Murata Science Foundation and JSPS KAKENHI 26286083.
We have been studying a coherent Cherenkov radiation by using tilted electron bunches. Bunch tilting can enhance the radiation power about 10 times due to the wavefront matching of radiations. Recently, we investigated that this technique can produce high peak power THz pulses with sufficient pulse energy. Resulting pulse energy was more than 30 nJ/pulse and peak power was about 10 kW. Introducing the oscillator cavity with two concave mirrors, it would be possible to achieve lasing using tilted electron bunches. In the calculation, 1 uJ/micro-pulse and 100 uJ/macro-pulse broadband THz pulses are expected to be achieved, which are powerful THz sources compared with the existing THz FELs. In this conference, we will report the experimental results of coherent Cherenkov radiation, calculated results toward lasing and future prospectives.
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