Author: Ivanov, O.A.
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WEA04 Novel Concepts of a High-Brightness Photoinjector RF Gun 397
  • S.V. Kuzikov, O.A. Ivanov, A.A. Vikharev, A.L. Vikharev
    IAP/RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • S.P. Antipov
    Euclid Beamlabs LLC, Bolingbrook, USA
  • S.P. Antipov
    Euclid TechLabs, LLC, Solon, Ohio, USA
  We propose here a program to design and manufacture a high performance, advanced source of electrons having high beam brightness (>1016 A/m2) and high bunch charge (~100 pC). Three innovations are being considered: 1) the use of a high peak cathode field, short-pulse RF gun; 2) the use of multi-layered diamond photocathode at low temperature; and 3) the utilization of THz ultrafast field emission gating. High peak cathode field is necessary to achieve a high brightness (low emittance) beam to be accelerated to relativistic energies before space-charge effects lengthen the bunch. The multilayered diamond photocathode is needed to obtain high QE with long wavelength laser in the first doped layer, beam cooling in the next layer, and negative electron affinity at the emission layer. High field single cycle THz pulses, produced by means of laser light rectification in a nonlinear crystal, allow to avoid a UV laser, provide high field emission charge (up to nC) and ~1 GV/m pre-acceleration of subpicosecond bunches.  
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