Author: Heuer, M.
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MicroTCA.4 -Based Control for the Optical Synchronization System at the European XFEL  
  • M. Felber, E.P. Felber, M. Fenner, C. Gerth, M. Heuer, T. Kozak, T. Lamb, J.M. Müller, K.P. Przygoda, H. Schlarb, C. Sydlo, F. Zummack
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The optical synchronization system at the European XFEL will serve as femtosecond-stable reference throughout the 3.5 km long facility. Its operation and performance is essential for the success of pump-probe experiments, first by enabling the LLRF system to stabilize the electron bunch arrival time and thereby the FEL X-ray pulse timing, and second by synchronizing the experimental laser with fs precision. The electronic hardware is realized in various MicroTCA.4 modules. Most of them are specially designed for this application but yet commercially available on the market due to licensing agreements between DESY and industry partners. In this paper we present the applied modules, the topology of the new systems and review the first operational experience.