Author: Gu, Q.
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Status of the SXFEL Facility  
  • B. Liu, G.P. Fang, M. Gu, Q. Gu, Y.B. Leng, D. Wang, L. Yin, Z.T. Zhentang
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  The Shanghai Soft X-ray Free-Electron Laser facility (SXFEL) is being developed in two steps, the test facility SXFEL-TF and the user facility SXFEL-UF. The SXFEL-TF, which will generate 8.8 nm FEL radiation with the two-stage cascaded HGHG-HGHG or EEHG-HGHG scheme, is under commissioning at the SSRF campus. In the meantime, The SXFEL-UF, with designed wavelength in the water window region, began construction in November 2016, based on upgrading the linac energy to 1.5 GeV and building a second undulator line and five experimental end-stations. Status and future plan of the SXFEL is presented here.  
A Novel Way to Generate Ultrafast X-ray Free Electron Laser Pulses  
  • D. Huang, C. Feng, Q. Gu
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  Recently, ultrafast X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) pulses have become a key tool in many fields of scientific research. In this paper, a novel method to generate ultrafast XFEL pulses based on the laser heater in a linear accelerator (linac) is proposed. Contrary to other proposed methods, this new method is merely parasitic in the laser heater operation. Thus, it has significant advantages over the others such as being non-destructive, simpler, less expensive, etc.