Author: Gensch, M.
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Study of a Superconducting THz Undulator at the European XFEL  
  • T. Tanikawa, G. Geloni, S. Karabekyan
    XFEL. EU, Schenefeld, Germany
  • V. B. Asgekar, M. Gensch
    HZDR, Dresden, Germany
  • S. Casalbuoni
    KIT, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
  The European XFEL has successfully achieved a first lasing in May 2017. Meanwhile, a THz radiation for pump-probe experiments etc. is under consideration at the European XFEL using laser-based and/or accelerator-based techniques. A superconducting THz undulator as an afterburner is one option, but a challenge to this approach is the usage of very high electron-beam energy up to 17.5 GeV and the requirement of a high magnetic field. In this presentation, we will report the preliminary study of the THz undulator design and the radiation properties at the European XFEL.