Author: Bartlett, J.H.
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An Optically Levitated Imaging System for X-Ray Free Electron Lasers  
  • A. Malyzhenkov, J.H. Bartlett, A. Castro, V. Lebedev
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  We propose an optically levitated imaging system for X-ray Free Electron Lasers. First, we report on the design of an in-vacuo optical levitation trap compatible with X-ray Free Electron Laser vacuum requirements and other technical conditions at the existing Free Electron laser facilities (LCLS, Spring-8, European XFEL, etc). Second, we propose to use this trap for holding a nano/micro particle which will serve as a lens for focusing the X-ray beam on a target. Such a lens can be accurately positioned with respect to the target and, moreover, the relative distance can be varied in time by the user to change optical properties of the X-ray beam on the sample. In particular, we discuss potential materials that can serve as an x-ray propagation media effectively yet also be trapped by optical tweezers. Finally, we discuss the possibility of holding the target in a separate optical trap which would allow target manipulation (position and orientation in space) relative to the X-ray beam and an X-ray detector.