Author: Andre, T.     [André, T.]
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Study of the Electron Transport in the COXINEL FEL Beamline Using a Laser-Plasma Accelerated Electron Beam  
  • T. André, I.A. Andriyash, F. Blache, F. Bouvet, F. Briquez, M.-E. Couprie, Y. Dietrich, J.P. Duval, M. El Ajjouri, A.M. Ghaith, C. Herbeaux, N. Hubert, M. Khojoyan, C.A. Kitegi, M. Labat, N. Leclercq, A. Lestrade, A. Loulergue, O. Marcouillé, F. Marteau, P. N'gotta, P. Rommeluère, E. Roussel, M. Sebdaoui, K.T. Tavakoli, M. Valléau
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • S. Bielawski, C. Evain, C. Szwaj
    PhLAM/CERCLA, Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, France
  • S. Corde, J. Gautier, G. Lambert, B. Mahieu, V. Malka, K. Ta Phuoc, C. Thaury
    LOA, Palaiseau, France
  The ERC Advanced Grant COXINEL aims at demonstrating free electron laser (FEL) at 200 nm, based on a laser-plasma accelerator (LPA). To achieve the FEL amplification a transport line was designed to manipulate the beam properties. The 10 m long COXINEL line comprises a first triplet of permanent-magnet variable-strength quadrupoles (QUAPEVA), which handles the large divergence of LPA electrons, a magnetic chicane, which reduces the slice energy spread, and finally a set of electromagnetic quadrupoles, which provides a chromatic focusing in a 2-m undulator. Electrons were successfully transported through the line from LPA with ionization-assisted self-injection (broad energy spectra up to~250 MeV, few-milliradian divergence).  
WEP065 Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator for an FEL Application 1
  • A.M. Ghaith, T. André, I.A. Andriyash, P. Berteaud, F. Briquez, N. Béchu, M.-E. Couprie, C. Herbeaux, M. Labat, O. Marcouillé, F. Marteau, E. Roussel, M. Sebdaoui, K.T. Tavakoli, M. Tilmont, M. Valléau
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  A Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator (CMPU) is capable of achieving high brightness radiation at short wavelengths, by taking advantage of the permanent magnets' enhanced performance at low temperature. A CPMU of period 18 mm (U18) that has been built at Synchrotron SOLEIL is used for the COXINEL project to demonstrate Free Electron Laser (FEL) at 200 nm using a laser plasma acceleration source. Another undulator of period 15 mm (U15) is currently being built to replace U18 undulator for FEL demonstration at 40 nm. A new method is also introduced, using SRWE code, to compute the spectra of the large energy spread beam (few percent) taking into account the variation of the Twiss parameters for each energy slice. The construction of U18 undulator and the magnetic measurements needed for optimization, as well as the mechanical design of U15, are presented.